WooCommerce Currency Switcher v2.2.8.2 Free Download

WooCommerce Currency Switcher v2.2.8.2 is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to switch to different currencies and get their rates converted in the real time – a must have plugin for your WooCommerce powered online store! You also can download Master Notification Pro Latest Version Free Download.

Features of WooCommerce Currency Switcher v2.2.8.2

  • Currency Switcher is available as a widget and works in any widgetized area, for flexibility the shortcode is also available
  • Graphically WooCommerce Currency Switcher can be represented in 3 different ways: drop-down, flags, side switcher.
  • The customers are allowed to pay in their selected(preferred) currency.
  • 7 currencies aggregators for automatic rates changing. Also admin can set rates manually if it’s necessary!
  • Update currency rates hourly, twice daily, daily, weekly, monthly, each 5 minutes, each 15 minutes, each 30 minutes, each 45 minutes.
  • Set price format which fit your needs – decimals count, usual money sign or custom sign, money sign position (4 variants).
  • Create and use your own money symbols you need. It is possible even use currency which not exists in the reality!
  • Each currency can has its own format where price and money sign can be set on the side you want
  • Collect currencies switching statistic for business purposes. No any private data of customers collects, only currency, country and time of switching.
  • Possibility to set currencies as Public or as Private. In private mode currency not published in switchers and user cannot set it by link through ’?currency=XXX’
  • Rules to hide/show payment gates on the checkout page depending on the current currency
  • Allows to set any price currency you want for your site visitors first visit.
  • Gives ability to set different prices for each user role in each currency.
  • Super feature which allows for different countries show different prices in different currencies!
  • Feature which allows for each product set fixed price for each currency, in this case for the product will not be applied conversion by rate
  • GEO IP rules for visitors local currency detection
  • Fixed minimum amount for FREE delivery for each currency
  • Fixed minimum amount for shipping for each currency
  • Fixed amount for coupons for each currency
  • Fixed minimum and maximum coupon verification amount for each currency
  • Show approximate Price
  • Show approximate amount
  • Compatibility with cache plugins
  • Orders keeps in currency of the deal
  • Price info icon
  • Prices without cents
  • Ability to set currency for new order which created through admin panel by hands
  • Ability to recount order from any currency to the basic currency in multi currency mode of the plugin
  • Easy to use for administrators and shop customers


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