Simple 3D Carousel v1.1 – WordPress Plugin Free Download

Simple 3D Carousel v1.1 WordPress Plugin is a image carousel slider wordpress plugin that allows to display normal images (jpg or jpeg) or images with transparency (png) with an unique original layout from a 3D perspective. You can also download Ultimate WhatsApp Chat v1.1.0 – WordPress WhatsApp Chat Support Plugin Free Download

Features of Simple 3D Carousel

  • Responsive / Fluid layout with autoscale function.
  • Mobile and desktop optimized.
  • Scroll and/or drag and swipe functions for the desktop and mobile devices.
  • Mouse Wheel support – navigation with mouse wheel scrolling.
  • Keyboard support – the left and right arrows can be used for navigation through the thumbnails.
  • Optional Categories Menu.
  • Support for unlimited categories and each category can have any number of thumbnails.
  • The option to start at a specific category.
  • Customizable thumbnails size and topology geometry.
  • Customizable / optional reflection for the thumbnails.
  • Shortcode generator.
  • Customizable description text for the center thumbnail.
  • Custom action for the thumbnail click. When a thumbnail is clicked you can choose to do nothing or open a new web page.
  • Powerful API included.
  • You can include multiple instances on the same page.
  • Slideshow with autoplay and customizable slideshow delay.
  • Customizable color theme.
  • Easy to install and add in any webpage.
  • Detailed documentation and examples files.
  • Powerful API included.
  • Tones of other features.



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