VideoFrames 1.0.1 Free Download

There are 2 ways to do it: 1) get the data from the output DataSource of the Processor; 2) using a pass-through plugin codec as a callback when individual frames are being processed.

This example will demonstrate the second approach:

  • Build the pass-through codec.  Specify what input format you desire and define that as the Codec.getSupportedInputFormats().
  • Create a processor from the input file.
  • Get the TrackControls from the processor.
  • Set your codec on the video track: TrackControl.setCodecChain(your_codec[]).

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VideoFrames 1.0.1 Main Key Features:

100% Compatible with the latest WordPress

All you need is a version of the newest WordPress to get started immediately and create as many videos as you like.

Install In Seconds, Start Using It Within Minutes!

This plugin is SUPER-easy to use; there is nothing technical to complicate your life or to confuse you.

Full Support For Vimeo and Youtube

VideosBeautify any of your videos on Youtube: all you have have to do is to enter the video URL (we’ll show you how), and you’re done!

Insert handwritten headlines

You can also insert beautiful handwritten headline above your video with the headline option

46 Built-In Skins

This plugin comes with 16 gorgeous templates for your videos, including Ipad skins, iPhone, Macbook Air, and even Galaxy S3!

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