Webmaster Tools 2.5 Free Download

Webmaster Tools is lightweight and easy to install PHP Script, which contains a collection of webmaster tools developed to help with their daily chores. The application has 20 unique built-in services that can be easily configured to your own needs.

You can also get Visual Form Builder Pro 2.4.8 

Webmaster Tools 2.5 Main Key Features:

  • Alexa Statistics
  • Social Analytics
  • Website Diagnostic
  • Domain Location
  • Indexed Pages
  • Backlink Count
  • Alexa Comparison Tool
  • Google Suggestion Tool
  • Antispam Protector
  • Meta Tags Generator
  • Og Properties Generator
  • Password Generator
  • MD5/SHA-1 Hashing
  • Duplicate Remover
  • HTML Encoder
  • UNIX Time Converter
  • Text Length Online
  • WHOIS Service
  • DNS Record Lookup
  • HTTP Headers


  • cURL Extension
  • GD Extension with FreeType library
  • Mcrypt Extension (MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_256 cipher name)
  • MySQLi Extension
  • Multibyte String Functions
  • Script execution time must be greater than 60 seconds
  • You can not run this script on a free web hosting, because their IPs banned on Google, Twitter, Facebook because of a spam
  • Rewrite module (optional)

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