Superfly v4.5.10 – Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin Free Download

Superflyv4.5.10 is a responsive WordPress menu plugin thatgeneratesspaceefficient vertical push/sliding/staticnavigation, icontoolbarorfullscreenmenuonyourchoice. Superflymakesnavigationmucheasier and user-friendlybothon desktops and mobiles. Concept of off-canvas vertical menuthatproveditselfonmobilesnowshineson desktops too! It can be used as always visible navigation as well. You can also download  Buy Sell Ads 2.7.1 Free Download WordPress Plugin

Features of Superflyv4.5.10

  • Variousmenumodes. Slide in menu, staticmenu, compact iconnavbar, skewed panel, fullscreenmode.
  • GDPR compliant. Plugin doesn’t store any data of yoursitevisitors.
  • 100% Responsive. Superflysuitsperfectlytodifferentscreensizes.
  • Displaying control. Show/hideonmobiles, show/hideon desktops, show onspecificpages, show forlogged in users etc.
  • Content areas. Use rich-text editor toadd and stylecustomcontentorshortcodes.
  • Triggersettings. Optiontohide default menubutton (label) and togglemenufromanyelementlikebutton, link, image etc.
  • Multiplemenusources. AttachtoSuperfly as much WordPress menus as youneed.
  • Google Fonts + settings. Choosefontfamily, size, alignment, line-height, colors and more!
  • Richelements. Decorateyourmenuwith widgets, shortcodesoranycustomhtml.
  • Stylingmenu. Designyourmenuitemsbyaddingimages, chapters, separators, icons, secondrowtext etc. Change fontsettings, colors, backgroundimage, your logo and more!
  • Multi-levelmenussupport(up to 4 levels). Properadaptationforboth desktop and mobiledevices.
  • Menusections. Groupyourmenuitemsintologicalsections and styleitheadings.
  • Smoothscroll. Little butgreatfeatureespeciallyforone page websites. Get a smoothscrollingtoyouranchoredelements.
  • Button can be scrolledwithcontent and itsfloatingisdisabled.
  • Iconlibrary. Use pre-installedicon sets oruploadyourowntostylemenuitems and menubutton.
  • Behavioroptions. Likepushingcontentornot, openingonhoverorclick etc.
  • Enhancedmobilesupport. Use Superflyonalldevicesormobileonly. You can evenaddnavigation bar withyour logo for smartphones. Swipes are supported as well.
  • Richmenubuttonsettings. x,ypositioning, base and iconcolors, textlabel, size, customicon and more!
  • Beautifulanimations. Optimizedgreatly and createdwith pure CSS3.
  • Cosyadmin panel. Cleandesign, simple understandablestructure and tons of optionshandy in use.
  • Social bar. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Pinterest, Dribbble, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Skype, RSS, e-mail.


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