OptinSpin v2.1.4 – Fortune Wheel IntegratedWith WordPress Free Download

OptinSpin v2.1.4 for WooCommerce converts website visitors into subscribers and
customers. There have been many marketing tools being released in the last century to
increase the sales. Optin Spin was created with the same concept but with different
approach. Using the classical fortune wheel thing, optin spin makes easy to get the leads
and engage your customers with fully customizable wheel with lots of options. You can also
download Mailster v2.4.1 – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress Free Download

Features of OptinSpin v2.1.4

  • You can customize the visual appearance of Optinspin with useful settings options in admin panel like colors, text, and theme (Snowfall).
  • You can add as many wheel segments as you want in OptinSpin.
  • Set the probability for each section and winning-losing ratio for playing users.
  • Add your own business logo to the center of the wheel.
  • OptinSpin gives you options for email templates customization as well, you can design two different types of outcome emails, one for winner and other for users who aren’t fortunate enough.
  • Generate unique coupons to offer it winning users through integrated WooCommerce.
  • You can customize the visuals and functionalities of the generated redeemable coupon.
  • Enable or disable sound effects while the wheel is spinning.
  • Enable or disable a party popper effect for winning users.
  • Offer free shipping instead of a coupon or no-win.
  • Set a time delay for OptinSpin to appear on your website.
  • Choose where to display the wheel including slider, sitewide or specific pages options.
  • Include an urgency bar on the site footer after winning with a timer counting down to the coupon’s expiration.
  • Add a privacy link for users to get familiar with terms and conditions.
  • Add class to any link, call to action or button with desired functionalities.
  • Password protection is also available for users with access only can play it.


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