Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.12.3 Free Download

Pin unlimited number of images: Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.12.3 can pin from one image to all images in the post directly to your pinterest account. Post featured image as a pin: Plugin can pin featured image to pinterest. Scheduled posts support: select images to be pinned and once your scheduled post get published it will be pinned. You can also download

Features of Pinterest Automatic Pin

  • Custom post types support : if you have a portfolio or gallery or any post type then Pinterest automatic support them
  • WooCommerce support : if you have a WordPress eCommerce or WooCommerce based website then Pinterest Automatic can pin thier products to Pinterest
  • Bots support : Pinterest Automatic can pin bots posts like posts from WordPress Automatic. It can pin the featured image, a specific number of images or all images from each post.
  • Custom field image support: if you have an image URL stored in a custom field, you can tell the plugin to pin the image from that custom field
  • Detect images to pin from the fron-end: if your images do not appear in the backend, Pinterest Automatic can still detect them from the front end. for example, some galleries are displayed using a shortcode in the backend.
  • Pin full sized WordPress images from thumbnails : Pinterest automatic checks if a full sized image is available to pin instead of thumbnail.
  • Specific WordPress category to Pinterest board support: You can set which board, the image will be pinned to according to its category. Set unlimited number of a category to board rules *Note that, the image will go to one board only.
  • Specific WordPress tag to Pinterest board support : You can set which board the image will be pinned to according to its tags.
  • Custom jQuery selector: If the images are not located in the editor and are visible elsewhere on the editing page, a custom jQuery selector can be set which can be used by the plugin to grab the images.
  • Custom Taxonomies: In the category to board section, The plugin can list categories from custom taxonomies.
  • Spintax enabled :Spintax Form can be used for pin text like {awesome|cool|nice},only one word will be chosen randomly for each single pin
  • Post featured image as a pin:The plugin can pin the featured image to Pinterest.
  • Scheduled posts support: Select images to be pinned and once your scheduled post gets published it will be pinned.
  • Cron job : The Plugin can use the internal wordpress cron job and a dedicated cron job can be used as well.
  • Show to administrators only option : The plugin has the option to only display for administrators.
  • Proxy support : Pinterest atuomatic can use proxies to connect to Pinterest.
  • Excluded categories : Pinterest atuomatic can exclude the post from pinning if it is in a specific category.
  • Automatic excerpt generation : Pinterest Atuomatic can auto generate an excerpt automatically from your content with a pre-specified charachters length.
  • Exclude small images : Pinterest Atuomatic can exclude images that are smaller than a specific width from being pinned.
  • Skip duplicates : An option exists to skip pinning the same image from the same post twice
  • Exclude by category : Pinterest Automatic can skip pinning from categories that you set
  • Exclude images containing a specific text : You can set a specific text if found in the pinned image URL, it will be excluded from pinning
  • Flixible tags number : Pinterest atuomatic can include the post tags as Pinterest hashtags in the pin description. It also can select a specific number of tags to include
  • Search and replace in image src link, pin link or pin tags : You can replace specific parts with another in the final values sent to Pinterest.
  • Random pin interval : You can set a random pin interval between pins starting from 3 minutes. The plugin will pin images with a random interval between them.
  • Plugin visibility filter : You can optionally set the plugin to be visible only for admins.
  • Auto-append parameters to pin links : The plugin can automatically append pre-defined parameters to the pin link for tracking purposes
  • Automatic updates : The plugin can be updated directly from the wordpress dashboard.
  • And more…



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