WooCommerce Refund And Exchange With RMA v2.1.5 Free Download

WooCommerce Refund And Exchange With RMA v2.1.5 is all in one solution for all your refund process and replaces a default process which doesn’t provide any option to better communicate with the customer and handle refund requests. You also can download MainWP 3.4.3 Full Activated Version Free Download.

Features of WooCommerce

  • Merchant can enable/disable refund request feature.
  • The customer can returnthe product of an order after delivery.
  • The customer can submit multiple productrefund request with reason.
  • Return feature is enabled for a selected number of days from order
  • The merchant can disable refund featurefor sale items.
  • The merchant can exclude shipping costfor refund product.
  • The merchant can prevent selected category product from the refund.
  • Merchant can enable/disable Exchangerequest feature.
  • The customer can submit multiple productExchange request with reason.
  • Exchange feature is enabled for a selected number of days from order delivered.
  • The merchant can Customizerefund and exchange email content.
  • Merchant and admin both notify with emailfor all event.
  • The customer can pay for an extra amount in the exchange
  • Merchant can enable/disable multiple refund exchange request.
  • Set minimum number of the day for Auto acceptrefund request.
  • The merchant can set email content Header and Footer.
  • The merchant can Manage refunded and exchangerequested a product.
  • The merchant can enable refund and exchange request for selected order status.
  • The merchant can do custom CSSfor refund and exchange request form if required.
  • The merchant can enable that refund amountis added to customer wallet.
  • Add a payment gateway for Customer to make payment through their
  • Add a Setting to manage Customer Walletfrom the Customer edit page.
  • Add a Shortcodeto display the Customer Wallet on any page.
  • Add a Coupon Regeneratorfor allowing the customer to change Wallet Coupon Code.
  • Add Cancel Order Featurefor the customers.
  • Add Catalog Settingsto select days for refund and exchange of products according to the admin requirement.
  • Add Time BasedRefund Policy setting for admin.
  • Add Price Based Refund Policysetting for admin.
  • The customer can also exchange order in less old order amountand left amount refunded to the customer.
  • The customer can select refund methodon time of product refunds like wallet refund and manual refund.


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