PixelYourSite Pro v7.2.0 Free Download

Manage your Facebook Pixel with PixelYourSite Pro v7.2.0 and  just a few clicks, like thousands of other on-line business owners. You can also downlaod Woo Badge Designer v1.0.2 – WooCommerce Product Badge Designer WordPress Plugin Free Download

Features of PixelYourSite Pro

  • GeneralEvent

Fired on every page, it tracks a set of key parameters: content_name, content_category, tag, post_type, post_id, domain.

  • ClickEvent

Fired on every click, it tracks internal and external links, and the link’s text.

  • WatchVideo

Fired when a YouTube or Vimeo embedded video is played. It has multiple triggers, and it tracks the video name and ID.

  • Search

Tracks searches made on your website. It differentiates between WordPress and WooCommerce searches, and it tracks the searched string.

  • Forms

Fired by form submit, it tracks the form’s label (text on the button) and CSS class.

  • Complete Registration

Fired when a new WordPress account is created.

  • Downloads

Fired when users download files. It tracks the download’s name, type, and URL.

  • Comments

Fired when a comment is added. It tracks the name of the commented content.

  • AdSense

Fired when visitors click on Google AdSense ads.

  • Fire your own custom or standard events

Trigger your own events to capture actions that really matter for your business. You will have various triggers.

  • URL Visit

Fire events for speciffic URLs. You have flexible conditions, “contains” or “match”.

  • Clicks on CSS Selector

With Clicks on CSS Selector you can target clicks on any speciffic element from your pages.

  • Clicks on URL

Fire events when your visitors click on speciffic URLs.

  • Page Scroll

Fire events when one or more pages are scrolled up to a percent.

  • Mouse Over

Fire events when the mouse moves over a speciffic element.

  • Post Type

Fire events based on WordPress post_type.

  • And more…




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