WooPricely v1.1 – Dynamic Pricing & Discounts Free Download

WooPricely v1.1 – Dynamic Pricing & Discounts is a multi-purpose pricing and discount toolkit for WooCommerce stores. The plugin allows you automate product pricing, simple discount pricing, bulk pricing, tiered pricing, buy x get x pricing, buy x get y pricing, group pricing, cart discounts and cart fees by defining rules and conditions. These features are grouped into four easy to use modules, the modules includes Product Pricing, Checkout Pricing, Checkout Discounts, and Checkout Fees. You also can download Auto TW Bot Latest Version Free Download.

Some Examples Scenarios

With 19 product filters and 70 conditional logics, you will have virtually unlimited options using this plugin, you can create any scenario you want with the combination of product filters and conditions

  • 20% off for wholesale customers
  • Buy 2 Hoodie and get 1 free
  • Get 5% discount on all featured products
  • Buy products from Tshirts category abd get 10% discount this weekend
  • Spend at least 50$ this month and get 5% discount on your next orders
  • Buy Any 4 Hoodies for the total of $8 within this week
  • Get 10% discount on your first order if no other discounts applied
  • Buy between 2 and 10 quantities and get 5% discount, or buy between 11 and 20 quantities and get 10% discount
  • Get 10% discount on all products from 20th December to 25th December
  • Get 15% discount on all flowers from 12th February to 14th February
  • 10% product discount for t-shirts on Black Friday
  • Get $2 cart discount on your first order
  • 90% discount prices for wholesaler customers
  • 5% extra fees on all products for international customers
  • $2 Handling fee for COD, Check payment and bank transfer
  • $20 Extra shipping fee for heavy products
  • And much more……………


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