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Backup Creator will save you days and hours trying to rebuild your site should the inevitable situation comes that you would lose your entire site due to a glitch, a hacker, or something else. With Backup Creator, you will be able to restore your site without taking a lot of time. Backup Creator also gives you a lot of flexibility with how you want to make use of your backups, whether they are copied to another website, uploaded using your browser, or even transferred to an FTP server. For more details, visit the site here Backlink Beast 1.0.49 Free Download

Backup creator Features

Backup Creator offers many unique features to WordPress user. Here are just some of these features:

  • Instant Backup

One button is all you need to click to instantly back up your site. One your website is backed up, you can then send it to the secure destination of your choice. Download your backup file to your hard drive, email it to yourself, or even FTP your backup to an offsite destination.

  • Restore To Anywhere

Instantly restore your WordPress information to any destination you like. You can clone it straight from another site, upload using your browser or even transfer remotely via FTP, Amazon s3, or Dropbox.

  • Proprietary Server-to-Server Technology

Backup Creator’s proprietary server to server technology enables unlimited deployment of preconfigured client sites in seconds, without using FTP.

Additional features include:

  • One Time Automatic Backup Schedules:

Set up your backup schedule one time and Backup Creator take over. No cron or FTP is required. Just select your schedule and you are done.

  • Use Remote FTP & Cloud Storage Solution like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3

Manage, store, and restore all of your backups and clones in a single offsite location and from anywhere in the world using remote FTP, Amazon s3, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

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