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Get Atomic Email Hunter 3.50 software For free Giveaway with essential Free. Check out Atomic Email Hunter 3.50 free download. Quickly extract your email lists on the web. Provide you the advanced search features. You are controlling URL and web page content by filtering options. Search email addresses, links generator also save email addresses to a file within seconds. Copy an email to clipboards and add names of a different account. They are specially designed to solve email complications.
Free Atomic Email Hunter 3.50 The possible ways of acquiring e-mail addresses are: purchasing e-mail databases from various companies on the Internet or getting them manually from the websites of interest. But there is a better way! This innovative software allows extracting e-mail addresses from your target-audience relevant web sites!

Atomic Email Hunter 3.50 Main Features:

  • Targeted search for emails using keywords
    The program searches for the websites that correspond to the specified keywords and searches for email addresses on selected sites (“Search/Advanced search”).
    This is an excellent way to reach the target audience if you do not have the list of necessary websites to search on.
  • Search for emails on a specified website
    You can determine the site to search on (“Search/Search on-site”). Enter the URL of the site you are interested in. Atomic Email Hunter will extract all the emails from its pages.
  • Search for emails on site by keywords
    Target your search with our email spider. Enter the website URL and specify the keywords (“Search/Advanced search/Search e-mail addresses on site by keywords”). The program will quickly select the website’s pages that contain specified keywords and extract e-mail addresses from them.
  • Search in list
    We have created an option to enter a list of websites or keywords (“Search/Search in a list”). So you do not have to wait for one process to finish before starting another. Define the list of URLs or keywords and leave the email spider running. When you come back, you will see a long list of new email addresses.
  • Extracting email owner names
    In some cases, Atomic Email Hunter can also extract the name of the email owner. It gives you an opportunity to create personalized mailing lists and improve response to your newsletters.

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