WooCommerce Upload Files v49.8 Free Download

The WooCommerce Upload Files v49.8 will be able to upload one or more files from the Product page, Order Detail page and/or during the Checkout process according to the purchased items …all done using visual progress bars! All the uploads will be bounded to the order and optionally to specific products.. You also can download WooZone v12.5 – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Free Download

Features of WooCommerce Ypload Files v49.8

  • Uploading a single file on the product page
    • Adding a file upload field to a WooCommerce for users to upload images
    • Setting file parameters, like maximum file size and permitted file types
    • Displaying uploaded image thumbnails on the product page
    • Displaying thumbnails in the cart and checkout
    • Setting a price for uploading a file
    • Working with uploads after being received as part of the order
    • Attaching uploads to emails
  • Allowing bulk uploads on the product page
    • Enabling bulk uploads
    • Using an AJAX uploader with upload progress bar and the ability to add or remove images
    • Setting a maximum number of uploads
    • Charging customers per upload
  • Creating other custom fields, like choosing print size and finish
  • Calculating the product price based on the number of uploads
  • Organising uploads by order number
  • Downloading all uploaded files by order in a single zip file
  • Renaming uploaded files
  • Editing uploaded files



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