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Beaver Tunnels 2.1.5. Free Download

Beaver Tunnels 2.1.5 is now live! This is a small update, but it has some nice features. First off, we’ve added a new display condition: Parent Page. Now you can display a template on any page whose parent is a specific page. Second, we’ve made it so that when you are done editing a tunneled template, you are returned to the page that you were initially editing. This is really handy and allows you to keep working without having to navigate back manually. We’ve also made the meta box responsive, added a couple of on-boarding messages, and squashed a few bugs. Enjoy!

White Label Support

If you have the Agency version of Beaver Builder and are using the white label settings, then Beaver Tunnels will inherit these settings. You won’t need to do anything to turn this on. It will just work.

Multisite Support

For our customers running multisite installations, if you have network activated Beaver Tunnels, then the License Key field and the Remove Data on Uninstall option will move to the Network Admin.

Improved Template Rendering

Occasionally there can be issues with the way that Beaver Builder’s [fl_builder_insert_layout]shortcode or the FLBuilder:render_query() function render templates. After consulting with the Beaver Builder team, we have implemented a new method that should be much more reliable.

Update: As of Beaver Tunnels 1.2.1, we have reverted back to the previous method of rendering templates due to compatibility with certain modules.

Shortcode Improvements

The [beaver_tunnels] shortcode has been improved to be more reliable. Along with the $postobject, the $wp_query object is now also temporarily overridden to allow shortcodes to behave as if they are running on the page where they are being displayed.


Beaver Tunnels Feature 

  • Intelligent Actions
  • Display Conditions
  • Multi-site support
  • And More…

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