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Soundkit – Social Music Sharing Platform Free Download

Soundkit – Social Music Sharing Platform is a Social Music Sharing Platform similar to Mixcloud, SoundCloud, allowing users to upload their music online and share it with the world

Feed – The feed page keeps the user up to date with the new tracks, albums, or playlists posted by their friends, display artists’ suggestions, and more. Charts – The charts show the New & Hot songs base on admin time settings, like this week’s New & Hot songs, also display the Top 50 songs which can be filtered by the time this week, last week, this month, last month, and this year. Explore – You can explore new tracks, new artists, new albums, and filter tracks by genre. Collection – Collection works like Soundcloud which allows users to see their collections like the history of tracks they have played, tracks they have liked, Tracks they want to listen to later, their playlists, and albums with the ones they have liked. Music Player – Comes with a modern music player with the ability to play, next, pause, repeat, and also next up playlist. Repost – User can repost tracks, playlists, or albums to their followers just like Soundcloud

Search – Comes with a search system to find artists, tracks, people, playlists, and albums all at the same time. Also, support search filter. Sharing – Users can share songs on any website, via email, or on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook e.t.c. Pro Accounts – Monetize your website with premium pro members who can get a pro badge, more track sizes, sell tracks, use the spotlight e.t.c. Statistics – Powerful statistics to show who is playing your tracks, download your tracks, see statistics with bar, line or Area chart base on it

Features of Soundkit:

Admin panel

Design module

Manage site settings

Manage tracks

Customize the site colors

Manage reports

Manage Ads

Send Newsletter

Manage genres

Manage payments

Manage info pages

Manage users



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