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Adsense Tracker Script Free Download

Adsense Tracker Script is the culmination of a year’s effort to incorporate. Some of the best ideas and suggestions of our many users around the World Wide Web. We have added many new security and “speed-up” enhancements. That will be transparent to the user but are non-the-less important in today’s internet world. That is filling with hackers and con-artists who may be looking for a way to attack your websites. Some new extra features are the ability to track views and clicks. And from Firefox browsers as well as the not yet released Internet Explorer 7. While no tracking system is perfect, these new browsers will allow Adsense Tracker Version 4.10 to provide the most accurate stats. You can also download Adsense Goldmine 3.3 Free Download.


  1. A server with PHP and MySQL (Unix or Linux servers recommended)
  2. The ability to create MySQL databases. If you have never created one, you can find
    the instructions below. If you are still unsure of the process, most hosts will set it up for
    you for free.
  3. FTP access to transfer the files to your server and set permissions for your data
Download Link:
Download Link

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