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Get FreeScrapeBoard.If you are running a 64bit version of Windows, please see the steps at the bottom of this document to running in Compatability mode as Windows XP 32bit.Just run ScrapeBoard.exe and it should already be ready to go (activated and all).If you do see the “Enter license information” screen, just enter in fake info (name, email, serial)and it should always “Activate” with fake info. If you get an error when trying to open ScrapeBoard, then you need to run it in Compatibility mode as Windows XP 32bit! This is especially true for those who are running 64bit Windows!!! you can also Download Digital PowerPoint Presentation Template Free Download

How To Install ScrapeBoard:

  • Right click “ScrapeBoard.exe” and select “Properties”
  • Choose the “Compatibility” tab at the top.
  • Choose a Windows XP 32 bit version from the drop down
  • (mine said “Run as Windows XP SP3 32bit”)
  • Check the box to “Always run as Administrator”
  • Click Apply then OK buttons

Now you should be able to run ScrapeBoard without troubles.

If you have any issues after that, then you may be missing required framework or DLLs. Please checkout ScrapeBoard’s own site for info on requirements to run the software. Demo & Source


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