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Qr Code Generator React App | CodeSter Free Download

Qr Code Generator React App | CodeSter It’s SEO ready, using Gatsby’s Plugins. Also, it’s built-in with the I18n plugin (English and Brazilian Portuguese included).
The web app uses Google API to generate the QR Codes, so you don’t need a backend server for that.
It’s responsive and fits very well on every device screen.
The code is easily extensible and follows React’s best practices.

Qr Code Generator React App | CodeSter is a great QR code generator which you can easily create a QR code in a few seconds and use it on any of your products. You can use it for any product of your website or for this application. You can easily create a coat and you can easily use it. There are many languages ‚Äč‚Äčinside which you will be happy to use.

This web app or any product uses Google IPI to generate QR code. You don’t need any inter-server to keep it on. It is perfectly possible that your data is traveling and you can take it out at any time and get information. It is very easy to use. You can easily download it and save a lot of your time and effort by using it Qr Code Generator React App | CodeSter.

Features Of Qr Code Generator React App :

With this web app, the user can create the following kind of QR codes:

1. URL
2. Text
3. vCard
4. E-mail
5. SMS
6. Wi-Fi
7. Bitcoin
8. Phone
9. Location
10. Event

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