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PHP Random Quiz Maker CodeSter Free Download

PHP Random Quiz Maker CodeSter you can easily define any number of questions by typing the number only and you can choose if you want to appear or disappear score in the quiz or number of questions. by typing true or false you can change the text of score from (your score is) to anything you want The pictures you see above are just the starting template. that means you can change the style of everything on the quiz page, or use it if you want. How Quiz Works.
for example, you can add 1000 or Any Number questions to the database then make the quiz with 100(or Any Number) questions Randomly between All Questions.

Features Of PHP Random Quiz Maker CodeSter:

1- Random Question generator.
2- no repeating questions.
3- easy to link with the database ( MySQL, etc ).
4- you can make a question with 3 or 4 options or you can even make it 100.
5- Easy control panel to customize your quiz.
6- The style can be changed completely for each page. That makes the quiz appropriate to your website
7- you can easily custom style for question and options, or make style for each option.
8- works with all device screens.
9- High-security code using PHP.
10- define any number of questions.

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