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PopUp Domination 3.0 Full Version Free Download



Popup Domination is one of the awesome plugin available to increase your subscribers in less span of time. The main aim of this plugin is to increase your email reader and to drive huge traffic to your site. These two results in making lots of income easily

Popup Domination helps to create simple and good looking popup in any of your site in less than 10 minutes. It has the capability to adjust with any site. If you have any e-books, Music, Videos etc. popup domination helps you to increase your conversion with a popup. It has the ability to target particular pages and articles for popup

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What’s new in Popup Domination 3.0?

We recently updated to Popup domination 3.0 and really we are shocked with its extra features. Many more options are added in this update. When I compared it with 2.0 I’m totally satisfied and many ideas strike my mind to customize it. I found some major updates like

  • Multiple Popups and campaigns
  • Analytics
  • A /B testing and lots more

Here is the brief explanation of these three updates

  •  Multiple Popups and campaigns:

In this new version we have ability to create as many popup’s you want for a single blog. We can use different themes or skips for different popups. We can target that specified popup on a particular page or posts.

For example we can set one popup on home page and another one on a particular post or page. This one is really a cool and interesting option.

  •  Analytics:

Analytics help you to analyze each popup. It gives complete progress about your popup’s and how they are reaching our readers. So we can concentrate on low performing and high progress popup’s accordingly  to make them more useful.

  • A/B testing   

We said about Multiple Popup’s option in Popup domination 3.0. Using this A/B split testing method we can compare all popup’s at a time to know which one is reaching your readers and getting more subscriptions