Pinterest Automatic 4.6.1 Free Download Full Version

Pinterestomatic Automatic Post Generator and Pinterest Auto Poster Plugin for WordPress is a breaking edge Pinterest To WordPress and WordPress To Pinterest post merchant module that is perfect for auto blogging and automatical Pinterest post distributing. It utilizes the Pinterest API to transform your site into an auto blogging or even lucrative a machine!

It additionally can be utilized to consequently distribute Pinterest sticks each time you distribute another post to your blog. Utilizing this module, you can naturally create occupations dependent on a lot of predefined rules.

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Pinterest Automatic 4.6.1 main Key Features:

Detect images to pin from the front-end: in the event that your pictures don’t show up in the backend, Pinterest Automatic can at present recognize them from the front end. For instance, a few exhibitions are shown utilizing a shortcode in the backend.

Specific WordPress category to Pinterest board support:

You can chose which board, the picture will be stuck to as indicated by its group. Set the boundless number of a course to board decides *Note that, the picture will go to one board in particular.

Explicit WordPress tag to Pinterest board support: You can set which board the picture will be stuck to as per its names.

Custom jQuery selector

On the off chance that the photos are not arranged in the administrator and are observable elsewhere on the modifying page, a custom jQuery selector can be set which can be used by the module to get the photos. Custom Taxonomies: In the characterization to board region, The module can once-over classes from custom logical arrangements. Spintax enabled: Spintax Form can also be used for stick substance like {awesome| fresh |nice}, simply single word will be picked randomly for each single stick

The post featured image as a pin: The plugin can post the featured image to the Pinterest.

Scheduled posts support: Select images for pinned and once your scheduled post gets published it will be pinned.

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