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Paigham Bot Full version Get Free



Paigham Bot Paigham Bot is a stand-alone product that can turn a new brand into a profitable business; generating site visitors to websites, mass-market messaging, and lead generation-focusing on only the audience you want.

Paigham Bot 6 You can find it a useful plug-in ever. Hence you can use it as contact form submitter. It can also help in lead generation. You can also increase your email campaign with it. It comprises of amazing data mining feature. However, it can help you grow your social media marketing.

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Paigham Bot Key Features:

    • BRAND NEW USER INTERFACE (allows for easier user application management)
    • New Keyword Management Module(Manually add, edit, delete and track your keywords)
    • New Search Engine Selectors (Additional Google.com extensions)
    • Separate Scraping and Posting Modules (Allows for easier campaign management)
    • Advanced Tag Control Module
    • Tax Collector
    • Enhanced targeting abilities with the Smart Niche & Search Engine Filters.
    • Powerful Short Codes-Incorporate data from each site into your message
    • Updated Captcha Solving API Integration (Use your DBC account to solve captcha)
    • Individual Module reports (exportable text and CSV files)
    • Two Proxy Management Integration tools (Upload Proxies or Connect Your HMA Account)
    • Acquire Data From Your Audience (Social Accounts, Phone #’s, emails and more)