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Keyword Ninja does one thing very, very well.  It finds tons of real long-tail keywords from all over the internet. Keyword Ninja is a robust desktop software program. That utilises the “search suggestions” feature of,,,, and to grab keywords that visitors type in as searches. Ninja generates results based on a set of primary niche keywords. That you provide and allows you to export them to a .csv file for easy viewing & editing in Excel, Google Docs or any other spreadsheet program.

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 The “search suggestions” feature of these mega-sites will point you to the most common keywords that people type in, and by using Keyword Ninja, you will get 1,000s  of those keywords with a single click of your mouse!

Using Keyword Ninja

  • Find untapped niches and sub-niches to promote products or services;

  • Compare the relative competitiveness of keywords before pursuing them;

  • Reveal the topics for articles you should write to use in article marketing;

  • Brainstorm ideas for ebooks, audios, videos or software creation/development;

  • Create SEO focused pages of relevant content which can be used to generate AdSense or affiliate income;

  • Launch PPC search campaigns around terms not easily identified using keyword tools;

  • Uncover lists of “problem-related keywords” to create targeted Content Network campaigns for PPC;

  • Discover 1,000’s of negative keywords to get considerable savings in PPC every month!

  • Create eBay affiliate feeder pages and make money when new users register for eBay.

  • Make  Squidoo lenses and get your share of the profits Squidooo generates.

  • Create niche market private label rights packages and sell them for a quick profit.

  • Find undiscovered domain names ideas that you can target for direct type-in traffic.

  • And More!…your imagination is the only limitation!

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