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Karenderia Driver Mobile App Free Download

Karenderia Driver Mobile App is a mobile application for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System which can be used by restaurant owners to manage their daily pickup/delivery task.

Karenderia driver mobile app connects to KRMS via JSON API calls just simply install the modules for the API and settings and you’re all done. It comes with a very easy step by steps procedure on how to install the app & settings modules.

Karenderia Driver Mobile App Through this app, the hotel and restaurant owner handles all the work and does all his work through it. This is a very good mobile app that restaurant owners use to manage their staff and restaurant owners use this app to manage their delivery tasks on a daily basis.


  • Multiple Restaurant System
  • The restaurant owner handles all the work
  • Pickup/delivery
  • Settings modules
  • Manage staff
  • Delivery
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to download


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