CSSHero v4.0.1 – Live Editor for WordPress Free Download

Easily customize WordPress themes, live. CSSHero v4.0.1 – Live Editor for WordPress is the definitive WordPress plugin to easily customize every property of your themes with an easy and intuitive point and click interface. Simply mouseover and click the element you want to edit and adjust it to fit your needs, live! You also can download Live Email Verifier Professional 6.0 Free Download.

Features of CssHero

  • ¬†Font Styles and Typography
  • Color management
  • Adjust Measures
  • Easily tune element margins and paddings: just drag a slider and view what happens.
  • Complex CSS made simple
  • Style As Unlogged
  • Natively Responsive
  • Device mode preview
  • Unsplash Integration
  • Save Checkpoints
  • Undo \ Redo History
  • Safe and non-destructive editing
  • No vendor lock-in
  • No performance degradation
  • Inspect, refine and edit the CSS Hero generated CSS code
  • Get a live preview of your CSS edits on your website
  • Your code is automatically checked by the smart CSSLint engine
  • Point and click selection for editable elements
  • Apply edits to all devices or limited to a media query
  • Extend your CSS Hero code to new media queries
  • Keep track of edits or simply add a note to your code
  • Save – and enjoy the results – or export tidy CSS code
  • Easily apply on-scroll animations to any element on your pages. Choose among a wide set of animations and easings.


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