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CryptEx v2.1.0 – Ultimate peer to peer CryptoCurrency Exchange platform (with self-hosted wallets) – nulled Free Download

CryptEx v2.1.0 – Ultimate peer to peer CryptoCurrency Exchange platform (with self-hosted wallets) – nulled is a peer to peer platform for cryptocurrency exchange. If you have used popular exchange sites like paxful or localbitcoin, this product will be no strange to you. However, regardless of the abundant features, we will take our time to explain its concept. You also can download iPhone 6s Photorealistic Mockups Template Free Download.

Features of CryptEx v2.1.0

  • Self Hosted Wallets: As stated earlier, this is coupled with management of FREE wallets for users, with which they can generate address, send and receive wallet transactions. We maintain connection with the blockchain network either directly or through a third party you may read more about this above and on the documentation.
  • Multi-coin Support: This is what you would not find on most P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform. We offer support for multi currency, however bundled with this release is only Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin. We hope to offer freedom of choice of crypto coin in future updates.
  • Real time notification: We ensure that nothing gets past the user by providing a realtime notification system of all active trades and activities. With this in place user may not need to refresh the browser, but only listen for incoming notification tone.
  • Multi-currency & Realtime Cryptocurrency Prices: Regardless of where ever you want to set up your business we have more that 100 fiat currency which your users can choose from. Their wallet balance price is also updated with the realtime equivalent of its conversion.
  • Email & SMS Notification: While some notifications may not be all that essential, along side standard email notification, we have provided sms notification as well which is made available only for some really important information to be passed. Regardless of all, users can enable or disable the type of notification they want
  • Real time Presence Status: Users may be either away, online or offline at any point in time. So in order to avoiding misleading potential traders, it supports real time presence status of all users which updates in real time.
  • Two Factor Authentication: Nowadays most platform with prominent security, requires user to setup a two factor authentication using either of Google Authenticator or Authy. You can research more on how they work from their official sites
  • Phone & Email Verification: it was build with security in mind so we tend to add as many verification means as possible. Among these, it also supports email & sms confirmation, simply ensure that both drivers are setup properly. You may need to refer to the documentation.
  • User Contacts: Users may save contacts of their most trusted partners of trade, this will give them a faster access to their offers, rather than looking through the numerous offers on the marketplace all the time.

… this is just about the little we can outline right now. This document will be updated regularly to appropriately reflect all its features. We will leave you to decide yourself after trying the demo version.



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