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PHP Flat Visual Live Chat Free Download

PHP Flat Visual Live Chat Is a unique chat not only allows you to communicate with your customers but also to guide them through the pages of the site showing them visually any element.

You can watch a video of the backend by clicking on the “Video Preview” button.
You can also watch this video review done by a customer:

STANDALONE OR WORDPRESS VERSION? This standalone version works with any website. It contains an independent backend and allows you to directly manage operators’ accounts. If you use WordPress, you can find the WP version of this plugin here.

Features of PHP Flat Visual Live Chat:

  • Real-time AJAX chat
  • Beautiful, flat & responsive design
  • Independent backend console
  • Operators can initiate a chat
  • View the page where your customer is.
  • Operators management
  • Chat logs management
  • Operators can visually show any website element to the customer (through the different pages)
  • The operator can transfer the discussion to another online operator
  • Frontend chat texts are customizable: you can translate in your language
  • If there is no operator online, a contact form appears
  • Colors are customizable
  • Sound notification on new message
  • IP, country, and city information on customers
  • Reactive support!

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