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1-Click WP SEO 4.0.4 latest Version Download Free

1-Click WP SEO:

1-click WP SEO Plugin allows one to optimize all the posts and pages on site, for that keyword they demand, that has a single click. The plugin continues to be updated to work with the newest Google algorithm changes.

We’re here to help you get the best SEO ranking, and that’s why we’ve built an understandable SEO plugin. You got a dashboard that summarizes all the criteria. 1-click WP SEO Plugin provides an on-page analysis for each standard and helps you to fix it. WP Meta SEO is advanced for SEO specialists and easy for the final user.

How 1-Click WP SEO Works:

Step 1: Go to the mass-optimization screen…

Step 2: Enter the desired keywords (for example, “dog training tips”) next to the post or page you want and select which SEO factors you wish to apply…

Step 3: Click the “mass optimize” button…

1-Click WP SEO Will Do The Following Things:

  1. Meta Title: Adds the keyword at the end of the title, separated by a hyphen.
  2. Meta Keywords: Takes the existing tags of the page and ads them as keywords.
  3. Meta Description: It adds your desired keyword at the beginning of the meta description.
  4. Permalink: This is one of the most powerful features of 1-Click WP SEO. The URL plays a massive role in how relevant your post is for a term.
  5. Image name: If an image exists, then the plugin will rename that image to keyword-phrase.
  6. Image Alt: The plugin will look for the very first image in the post’s content.
  7. Bold: Finds the first occurrence of the keyword in the content.
  8. Italics: Finds the second occurrence of the keyword in the content. And makes it italicized.
  9. Underline: Finds the third occurrence of the keyword in the content.

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