Ultimate Social Deux 6.0.7 Free Download

While browsing WordPress plugin reviews, you’re likely to run into the same complaint again and again: Social networking plugins for WordPress often have a very negative impact on website load times. Going without share buttons is not an option, though, unless you’re okay with never quite achieving the visibility you otherwise could. Ultimate Social Deux was designed with speed in mind, and it lives up to that promise. By using it on your WordPress site or blog, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of having social media buttons for your content without sacrificing page load times.

Getting your content in front of the right people is tricky. Social share buttons make it easier. When visitors can see how many others have commented, liked, or shared a piece of content, they’re more likely to take a closer look.

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Ultimate Social Deux 6.0.7 Key Features:

  • Basic Settings – Define your Twitter username, set your default Pinterest image, and customize the text for “Total Shares.”
  • Style Settings – Adjust the default color for each button and define the hover color as well. It’s easy to make your buttons coordinate perfectly with the theme of your WordPress site.
  • Email Settings – Set the defaults for how messages will appear when people share your content via email. You can adjust the default subject line, define the name and email address of the sender, adjust the default message, and apply a Captcha to ward off spam.
  • Placement Settings – Conveniently, there are five placement options for Ultimate Social Deux social buttons. They can be positioned at the top or bottom of the page, at the top or bottom of each post, or they can float. Choose between vertical and horizontal layouts and specify alignment – left, center, or right – for flat social media buttons. You can also exclude buttons as needed.
  • Advanced Settings – When a visitor clicks on one of the social media sharing buttons, a popup will appear. In Advanced Settings, you can define the width and height of each popup box.

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