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TrendPressr is the all-in-one solution to keyword optimization in 2014. Trendpressr lets you identify Google’s hottest trending keywords before anyone else so you can use them to dominate your niche. Trendpressr shows you which keywords are trending and accurately predicts which are about to breakout. Trendpressr predicts with incredible accuracy which keywords are about to catch fire in Google, and will automatically optimize your site using those phrases. SEO has never been easier or more powerful. you can also Download WP Ad Slinger Plugin For WordPress Free Download


  • Identify breakout keywords: wide trending and most searched for keywords related to your niche all within the WordPress dashboard.
  • Get consistent page 1 search rankings. Dominate your niche by finding the most to the minute keyword phrases before everyone else
  • Search for trending keywords within different periods: The past seven days, past 30 days, past 90 days, previous year, or even the past ten years.
  • Target specific regions: trendpresser can find trending keywords worldwide or can target a specific region – United States, Canada, Australia, UK, or India.
  • 1-Click Optimization: you can optimize tags, keywords, and image alt text, on any post or page, based on your trending keywords search results.

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