TMail – Multi Domain Temporary Email System Free Download

TMail v5.6 – Multi Domain Temporary Email System.

TMail is simple to use, fast, and a mobile-ready temporary email system with an impressive feature set. It takes just 3 min to install TMail on your server

Features of TMail

  • Quality Support
  • Documentation
  • Open Source
  • AP I Support
    “Create your cool Apps with powerful ability of TMail – creating email ID,”
    “fetching emails, downloading attachments and more”
  • Attac hints
    User can receive multiple or single attachment(s) which can be downloaded from the email body
  • Auto Generate Email ID
    You can enable this feature so that whenever any user visits your “website, an email ID is automatically generated for their use.”
  • Cloud Update
    Receive and apply updates directly in your application. No need to download an update every time from CodeCanyon
  • Custom EMail
    Some users don’t want to randomize email ids and want custom IDs so users of the Web App can create customizable email IDs.
  • Monetization
    Monetization is necessary for the commercial sector. TMail supports monetization via Advertisements. The webmaster can add ads into the system which will be displayed to users using the system.
  • Auto Delete Email
    Disk space can get out of space quickly if traffic goes up. So the ability to delete emails and clear space is always a handy option.
  • Multi-Language Support
    “Currently, TMail supports 9 different languages. More languages can be” easily added.
  • Menu Links
    TMail now supports menu links which means you can add new links to other pages straight into your Application.



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