Thrive Leads 1.95.20 Free Download

Thrive Leads can be described as individuals who have the opportunity to follow up or connect with you. If visitors arrive at your website and take specific actions, such as submitting a form, they become prospects.

You then can contact the prospect, via email or other modes of communication, and present it with further opportunities. These opportunities can return to your site to see new blog posts, buy products, or rent your services.

If you run an online service store, the benefits are felt. But even if you are just a beginner blogger, you can still benefit from generating referrals from your audience. By collecting emails from your visitors, then adding them to your subscriber list – with their permission, of course – you can turn site visitors once into repeated repetitions.

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Thrive Leads 1.95.20 Features:

  • Edit & Build in Real-Time!
  • Beautiful Layouts with Drag & Drop Ease
  • Buttons & Call to Action Elements
  • Testimonials, Guarantee Forms & More
  • Plus More Elements You Can Use to Create Stunning Content!
  • Fully Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Add Animation Events to Your Page
  • Add the Speed Factor to Your Business
  • Includes a Full Suite of Landing Pages!

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