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Team Password for Perfex CRM Free Download

Team Password for Perfex CRM Free Download. Team Password Module is a self-hosted team password manager for companies to share passwords with their teams or clients. Each password will be encrypted and can be shared, secured by an advanced access control system.

The easiest and safest way to share passwords, credit cards, email, server, software license, and more, with the people that matter most. Go ahead, forget your passwords – Team Password Module remembers them all for you.

Make it easy for your team to store, generate, and share strong passwords. The less time you need to spend dealing with hacks, phishing scams, and lost passwords, the better.

Team Password for Perfex System

Teem Password is a system where you can share passwords with others, share your credit card, share your secret password with your client.

Team Password has many features. Team Password is a very good system. You can share your password with others. It is very popular in the world.

Features of Team Password for Perfex CRM


  • Dashboard
  • Share passwords
  • Share Cards
  • Share critical passwords with your colleagues and clients
  • sharing permissions to grant varying levels of access
  • Integrating Team password with Contract and Project
  • Category Management (Support hierarchical organization)
  • Client portal
  • Set up email templates for customers
  • Detailed statistics
  • All your password are stored AES-256 encrypted in the database

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