SocialEngine 4.8.8 Full Version Get Free

SocialEngine PHP 4.8.13 is here and includes an important security fix. As you may recall from a previous post, our team has been working on a broad range of enhancements and features. During our work, we found a few issues that we felt necessitated a minor version release. We’ve seen a great number of websites being migrated from Ning to SocialEngine PHP during the past few months. As such, this version also includes a better Ning Importer Tool to make the whole process smoother and more admin friendly.

Due to the fact that this release does include a security update, we highly encourage you to upgrade your website. Please see our tutorial for Performing Upgrades for instructions. If you are not comfortable with upgrading the website yourself we have an upgrade service available for $150, which you can purchase from our Customer Store.

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SocialEngine 4.8.8 Key Features:

  • Fixed issue where users were unable to like comments on certain activity feed posts. Fixes #7.
  • Fixed issue where new posts made without attachments were not appearing on user / content profiles. Fixes #1, #7 and #21.
  • Marked Multi-byte String (mbstring) extension as required to avoid any errors because of this being disabled.
  • Fixed issue with PHP language array file not being generated properly in certain cases.
  • Fixed error “Call to a member function toValue() on a non-object” coming on user profile page in a few cases. Fixes #2.
  • Fixed notice of E_DEPRECATED and theme issues coming on websites having PHP version lower than 5.3.0 after last release. Fixes #3.
  • Fixed E_DEPRECATED notices coming on websites running on latest version of PHP (>= 5.6.0). Fixes #17.
  • Fixed issue with the translation of content sharing feed’s text.
  • Fixed issue with sound manager swf that was not working when Cloudfront CDN is being used on website.
  • Fixed issue with duplicacy of photo caption in activity feed when status is updated with a photo.
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