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Social Media Integration is fast becoming a vital aspect for webmasters as it not only serves as an easy way to make your site accessible but also affects your ranking with major search engines. For places where you have a large number of posts and would want to monitor the way, they are received within major social media networks-the Social Metrics Pro plugin offers you a convenient way of tracking them from your dashboard.

You can check trends, sort your posts by various categories, analyze user behavior, and can also export your analysis to a spreadsheet application. It helps you effectively optimize your content to reach out to a broader audience by keeping track of your data across various prominent social media networks.

You can also download Social Networks AutoPoster (SNAP) Pro Multiuser

Social Metrics Pro Features:

The Social Metrics Pro plugin seamlessly integrates with your WordPress themes and offers you extended control panel options allowing you to operate it without the need for any technical understanding efficiently. It will enable you to measure the popularity of a specific page or post across popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, etc.

You can analyze your posts, check for keyword popularity, sort and filter data, do aggregation and division, and much more. A built-in color-coding mechanism for targeted posts allows you to analyze the reputation of your specific posts across networks instantly. It will enable you to sort/filter your data with a lot of attributes such as category, type, system, keyword, popularity, etc. along with an easy export option to MS-Excel.

The Social Metrics Pro plugin is handy for sites where you would want to keep track of your brand/product/service popularity. You can easily analyze your content to gauge the feedback it received across major networks. It allows you to effectively optimize your social media marketing strategies so that you get the best of the brand marketing and the search popularity they offer.

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