RSS Submit 3.51 Full Activated Version

RSS Submit is the most powerful RSS feed management and promotion tool available. The first of its kind for automatically submitting RSS feeds, it is the quickest and most reliable way to submit to the RSS search engines.

RSS Submit is extremely easy to use. Automatic RSS feed detection allows you to enter the domain of your web site and let RSS Submit find the locations of your feeds. Integration with FeedBurner and Technorati statistics lets you track hits to your RSS feeds right from within the software. RSS Preview and keyword analysis lets you manage your feeds in real-time.

RSS Submit 3.51 Some Key Features:

  • Post Content – Be sure to use the dropdown for title only. This way it will just give your post title and shortened URL without the cutoff first sentence of the post included in the tweet.
  • Bitly Settings – If you track analytics using the shortener and have your own account, click on the bitly settings to enter your API information so tweets sent through Twitterfeed will be tracked there.
  • Facebook Options – Although you can use Twitterfeed to update Facebook, I would suggest not doing this. Third party updates to Facebook usually don’t hold as much weight as direct updates to Facebook.
  • Post Prefix & Suffix – Use these to enter something before or after your tweet. If you are tweeting you company blog, you could enter RT @companytwitter for the prefix and a common hashtag like #business (if each blog post is on the same topic) in the suffix.