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RoboTask Full Version Free Download



RoboTask enable you to automate repetitive tasks on your Windows PC, ranging from only launching applications to checking email, moving or backing up files to uploading or downloading, sending an email and much more. The program allows to easily create simple task, as well as highly sophisticated automation, involving conditional IF/ELSE statements, loops, custom variables, and other advanced options.

Here are many examples of what RoboTask can do for you:

  • Runs applications and open documents.
  • Manage automatic backups.
  • Alert you of any change in your folders.
  • Shuts down Windows and powers off your computer triggered by any event you choose.
  • Processes files and folders (copies, moves, renames, deletes).
  • Work with FTP and Web servers (downloads, uploads, etc.).
  • Send letters and files by e-mail.
  • It starts and stops Windows NT services.
  • Send network messages as WinPopup’s.
  • Acts as an alarm clock.
  • and much more!\

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