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ProAjax Automatically Ajaxify Your Laravel Application Free Download

ProAjax Automatically Ajaxify Your Laravel Application No matter how complex or simple your application is, it all turns down to the user experience. With AJAX, simple things like submitting the form, populating an HTML element, or anything of that sort makes your application much faster and more user-friendly.

ProAjax Automatically Ajaxify Your Laravel Application comes with many great features. The best part about it is that it works with your existing Laravel You do not need to configure anything. In fact, you can use ProAjax without touching JavaScript at all.No need to do something like if $request->ajax(). We automatically do that for you. You do not need to modify your Laravel application.

Downloading scripts or plugins is an inevitable part of our lives as designers and creators of web content, but what can make this adventure easier and more successful? Are you downloading the best ProAjax for your designs? It can be time-consuming if you don’t have the right place. We can solve this problem for you. We research, review, and collect the safest content on the internet for you, which will reduce your process of creating sites with more advantages.


Features of ProAjax Automatically Ajaxify :

  • One click AJAX
  • No Setup Necessary
  • Works with your existing PHP/Laravel Application
  • No need to change any backend code to return the response as JSON. It handles that automatically
  • No need to set up an AJAX request by yourself. Let ProAjax take care of everything for you
  • Simply add pro-ajax class to any of your form, buttons or links and let ProAjax take care of the rest
  • Configure what happens before and after an ajax request without actually going into the ajax code
  • 100% customizable. Customize the alert element, alert message and everything.
  • Works with validation – Auto parse the errors and highlight the error fields.
  • Works with redirection requests. Redirect your users after submitting a form using AJAX.

When you think about why you should have this plugin, just remember that you do not need to write code for each and every Ajax request. Best of all, you do not need to even think about managing your controller methods to make way for AJAX and non-AJAX requests.

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