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PHP Form Builder is a complete library based on a PHP class, which allows you to program any type of form and layout them using simple functions.

PHP Form Builder is NOT a drag & drop form builder.
It is actually much more powerful than a drop form builder.
PHP Form Builder includes the best jQuery plugins available and allows you to implement them in a very simple and elegant way. Validation (live and server-side), sending emails, and records in a database are also extremely simplified. The documentation is suitable for both novice PHP users and experienced programmers.
Numerous examples of code are available: Templates, “How to”, Function reference, …
Quick & efficient help guaranteed.

Features of PHP Form Builder:

  • Contact Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Login Forms
  • Order Forms
  • Ajax Forms
  • Modal Forms
  • Step Forms
  • Dynamic fields Forms
  • Accordion Forms
  • Build any form with any framework
  • Validate posted values
  • Send your emails using customizable HTML/CSS templates
  • Connect your database and Insert, Update or Delete records
  • 120+ prebuilt templates included
  • Bootstrap 3 + Bootstrap 4 Forms
  • Material Design Forms
  • Foundation Forms
  • Horizontal Forms
  • Vertical Forms
  • Inline Forms
  • Icons
  • Helpers
  • Tooltips



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