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Music Cloud Community v1.2.2 – Share your songs with the world Free Download

With Music Cloud Community v1.2.2  app you can create a community of musicians and creatives, authors can upload their songs for other members to listen. The backend is build on top of Laravel using a REST API to send and receive data. This will allow you to easily create another client such as a native app to access the platform. You can also download Omni Secure Membership Software 7.0.1 Deluxe Free Download

Features of Music Cloud Community v1.2.2

Features for members

  • Can discover trending songs, popular and latest uploads.
  • Can explore songs by genre, tags, vocals, instruments, BPM , moods and artists.
  • Can play published songs
  • Can create public/private playlists and add songs to any of them.
  • Can like/unlike a song
  • Access to history of plays
  • A profile page with the public activity feed
  • Can play all songs in a playlist or favorites
  • Users can contact authors and other users through a messaging system
  • Users can follow other users
  • Search songs, albums and artist

Features for authors

  • Can create albums
  • Add songs to an existing album
  • Can publish singles
  • Can create a podcast channel and publish individual episodes
  • Can publish content to the blog
  • In profile page there’s a tab for the published songs

Features for admins

  • Can edit/remove users
  • Can edit/remove albums and songs for any author
  • Can edit/remove singles for any author
  • Can edit/remove podcasts and episodes for any author
  • Can manage comments on the site
  • Can add/remove new genres
  • Can add posts to the blog and edit content from other authors
  • Can configure the name of the app, google analytics, language and logo
  • Can set permissions for authors and members
  • Can disable new signups and make the community private
  • Can require visitors to login in order to play songs
  • Can make new users to become authors automatically or manually
  • Can access a dashboard with a map to see where people is listening from


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