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Social Mass Poster Plugin for WordPress is a breaking edge (made in 2018) mass post importer. It uses the YouTube native PHP API to turn your website into an auto blogging or even money making a machine!
Content generated by this plugin, thanks to its groundbreaking methods, is automatically considered as unique in term of SEO, by search engine bots.
Using this plugin, you can automatically generate posts based on a set of predefined rules. These rules can generate posts from:

  • The predefined set of post titles, which will be used as content keywords

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Mass Link Poster plugin features:

  • Pinterest direct login supported (v1.0.3 update) or Pinterest API key as an alternative
  • define posting start and stop date, also posts per day
  • post content – including the responsive embedded YouTube video
  • attach a similar content image to generated posts
  • publish a pin automatically to Pinterest for each generated post
  • YouTube video player customizations: width, height, theme color, show captions, video controls, allow full screen, loop video, auto start video, select player language and much more
  • post author user name
  • full spintax support
  • post status (published, draft, pending, private, trash)
  • automatically generate a predefined number of posts each day
  • manually add post categories or tags to items
  • generate post or page or any custom post type
  • automatically generate a featured image for the post
  • enable/disable comments for the generated post
  • enable/disable pingbacks/trackbacks for the generated post
  • Google Translate support
  • manually use the [smp] shortcode to generate content to manually published

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