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KD Suite is a brand-new Kindle publishing product release from software development powerhouses Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker. KD Suite is a compelling 3-part publishing software suite. We were lucky to receive a review copy and have had a chance to test it out last week. Overall, we’re very impressed with this collection of software tools.

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KD Bestseller Analyzer

KD Bestseller Analyzer has several powerful features. Still, it primarily allows you to search Kindle categories so you can find which types are selling best overall in the Kindle Marketplace. You can also narrow down a group by a keyword, or you can select a specific category or categories. Also, you can then take that keyword/category, and it will pull up the number of books you specify that are the top-selling books for that category.

This is where it gets exciting…it will pull up the number of books in each category you specify, and include for each book:

  • Category
  • AISN number
  • Author
  • Title
  • Sales Rank
  • Publishing Date
  • Price
  • Average word count -a great way to see what length is selling in that niche
  • Average rating (out of 5 stars)
  • Number of reviews-clickable links
  • And very powerful:
  • # of sales per month
  • Gross amount earned per month

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