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Holograma v1.0 – Augmented Reality Builder Free Download

Holograma v1.0 is a web application that allows you to create augmented reality experiences with markers, using images, videos, audios and 3D models. If the camera on your phone can read QR CODE, simply point it to a marker and the magic will happen in front of your eyes. Otherwise, use any QR CODE reader app to observe the same experience. You can also download

Features of Holograma

  • Two types of users: Admin and Editor;
  • The Editor can create and manage his augmented reality scenes and change profile data;
  • Admin can manage users, manage augmented reality scenes and change app settings;
  • Admin can customize the theme: change the app name, main color, logo and icon;
  • integration;
  • Automatic generation of markers (targets);
  • Admin and Editor can create and manage custom markers;
  • Preview and download marker as pdf or png;
  • Upload file configuration: file size, media width, media height and media duration;
  • Manual with installation and use instructions.
  • And more…



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