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Face Dominator 2.9 Latest Version Free Download

FaceDominator is a tool that is very useful for managing and automating your Facebook advertising campaign. It’s an “All in One” tool which can create unlimited numbers of facebook accounts, adds friends in those accounts, creates fan pages and make them viral, post on the wall of groups/fan pages, etc. In short, It helps you to manage and automate each and every activity of your Facebook advertising campaign. Its an excellent tool for viral facebook marketing. The power and convenience of this tool is a MUST- HAVE for anyone needing fast and effective facebook traffic.

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Fanpage Manager – It can create a Fanpage automatically or with your custom data. You can also use your keywords and categories to create pages. Friend Adder – You can add targeted friends to your account. Targeting can be done based on Geo-Location or from fan pages. Wall Poster – You can post your message on the wall of friends or walls of fan pages with your targeted keywords. Group Manager – you can invite your friends to join the groups, send a request to groups, Post photos, URLs, and messages on groups easily.


Face Dominator 2.9 Key Features:

Wall Posters
Auto Group Joiner
Targeted Friend Adder
Group Scraper
Fans Scraper
Multithreaded & Proxy Support
Group Campaign Manager
Group Request Manager

  • You can use it to manage all of your Facebook activities. Hence you can add unlimited accounts to it.
  • You can use it to do Facebook marketing. It can also help you increase your traffic.
  • It comprises of Facebook account creator. You can create multiple accounts on Facebook using it.
  • It also includes the Fanpage creator. You can use it to create an unlimited fan page to increase your sales. You can also grow your marketing with it.
  • It also comprises a target friend adder. You can add unlimited target friends to your Facebook.
  • It also supports proxy as well as multi-threading.

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