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How to Use Hard Disk as Ram And Boost Your PC Speed

How to Use Hard Disk as Ram And Boost Your PC Speed

You can add extra RAM or you can use your Hard disk as RAM to increase your computers or laptops performance. It is good and it is inexpensive way to add some extra memory to your Computers or Laptop. The processing speed of any task depends on Random Access Memory (RAM). RAM is a memory used to store temporary data that is processed by a Computer or Laptop on its CPU


  • Right Click on “This PC or My Computer” and Select Properties.
  • Now Click on “Advance System Settings”.
  • Now in “System Properties” you have to select “Advanced” tab.
  • Now click on “Settings” Under “Performance”.
  • Now in “Performance Option” again you have to select “Advanced” tab.


use-hard-disk-as-ram 1

  • Now click on “change“ under “Virtual Memory”.
  • Un-check “Automatically manage paging file size of all drivers” and select “Custom size”.
  • In Custom Size enter the amount of data According to “Space available” which is written there.
  • Click on “set” button and Click on OK.

use-hard-disk-as-ram 2

      • Now it will ask you to restart your Computer or Laptop.


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