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PINs for Windows Latest Free Download

PINs for Windows is used to secure the information safely. And keep a record of your account and password. Download PINs for Windows is the powerful and user-friendly application.


PINs for Windows is an easy to use application that keeps your password secure. No matter they are email passwords, pins, etc. PINs for Windows doesn’t have any attractive interface, but it is straightforward to use. For a group of pins or passwords, we can set a master password. Fasteners for windows runs in the system tray to access the main window we have to enter the master password.

Adding the record to the database expects you to appoint a class and record data concerning the framework, client, secret word, URL or remark, note, begin and termination date. It is conceivable to erase or copy records, duplicate a client name or watchword to the Clipboard, bolt the database. Also, create an arbitrary secret word, alter the ace watchword, see a character delineate, worldwide hotkeys. And utilize a hunt capacity to find lapsed passwords.

pins for windows latest free download

This freeware utilizes 448-bit Blowfish algorithm and stores all data in encrypted databases to ensure its safety at all times.  It also features a Password Generator to help users create strong passwords. Also, it automatically expires passwords based on user-defined settings and interval. The program also wipes files safely using DoD, Gutmann or custom methods. Other features of the software include flexible data export/ import, multiple user accounts, password masking and many others.

Main Key Features Of PINs for Windows:

  1. Support for Master Password
  2. Give Info about Entries in Data Base
  3. Powerfull
  4. Keep Track Of Full Password Info
  1. Secure 448 bit Blowfish encoding.
  2. The unlimited number of entries and data files.
  3. A clear tree-like data organization which allows logical grouping of systems and accounts.
  4. Automated login into Internet services (SuperPaste).
  5. A powerful random passwords generator.
  6. Safe files were wiping using Gutmann, DoD and custom methods.
  7. Embedded hyperlinks were launching.
  8. Unlimited in size, multi-line descriptions.
  9. A flexible data import/export in text format.
  10. Multiple users account on a single PC.
  11. Accounts were sorting using any column as a sort criterion.
  12. Comfortable accounts were adding, editing, and deleting.
  13. Compatibility with popular clipboard extenders.

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