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How to Get ElfYourself on Android Free

ElfYourself is an adorable application, developed by Magic Mirror LLC, that crops the face off of a chosen photo and puts it on dancing elf’s body. It’s a great gag app, and the resulting videos are great to share with friends on Facebook. You can take pictures from within the app so you can get started right away, or you can select from existing pictures from your gallery. In order to begin ‘elfing’ yourself, you’ll need to get the app running on your Android device.

Launch the Play Store. Locate the Play Store icon, which has a white paper shopping bag with the play sign in the middle, on your home screen or app drawer. Tap it to launch.

Search for the app. Tap the Search bar at the top to expand it and bring up your on-screen keyboard. Type in “ElfYourself,” and results should be displayed at the bottom of the search bar as you type. Tap the result with the same name, and you will brought to the app description page for ElfYourself.

Download the app. The app is free to download. Tap the “Install” button, which should sit at the bottom of the app’s banner in the app description page. The Permissions window will appear, and display the elements of your device that the app must have access to in order to deliver its advertised functionality. Tap the “Accept” button on the window to begin downloading the app.

  • A download progress bar will appear on the app description page as well as the notification panel of your device.

Launch ElfYourself. Once the progress bar reaches 100%, the app will begin to install. Once it finishes, a notification will appear in your notification panel that the installation has completed. Tap this notification to open ElfYourself.

  • You can also open the app from the app description page on Google Play. The app icon can also be found on your home screen (if your settings allows it) and your app drawer. Tap the icon to launch the app.

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