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Download MyAlarm 2.0 APK

The new version MyAlarm applications, personal security enterprise customer’s office.

Now every user account on your name, surname and photo. To enter a phone number and need a code from SMS. For added security, we have made the protection of pin-code applications and fingerprint logon.

– Taking / removal of an object or section of a mobile application.
– Alarms on process sensors: fire, water leaks and gas leaks.
– Push notifications for events takes / disarming, alarms and faults.
– If the object has several protected partitions, then they are displayed on the screen object.
– Member List alarm system and to invite them to the mobile application without Chop.
– More events in the film, pictures of people.
– Chat with technical support directly from the app.
– Live video from IP-based cameras (via Wi-Fi or LTE), or a slideshow of images (via 3G and below).

Download MyAlarm 2.0 APK