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Download GPSMapEdit Free

GPSMapEdit Free Download

It is an innovative maps application for your computer, this app is developed for you to handle the GPS maps with easy access.


By using this GPS maps app you can bookmark locations, roads and also add notes on various locations. View the geographical maps in a different manner, with a truly new experience. A clean and clear interface designed to drag and drop any item or use the built in browser for all your actions. The tool supports ARD, BIN, CRD, ECW, GDB, GPX, JPEG, MAP, NTM, WRT and other compatiable file formats.

Import any information using MDB, SHP, MIF, CSV, or OV2 file formats just with the drag and drop options. You can create a favorites list, rotate objects, create points, trim the map, measure the distance between points, remove duplicates and routing nodes, convert labels, merge inner polygons, edit postal address, and reset external nodes.

Download GPSMapEdit Free

File Size: 3MB

Price: Free

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