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DiskCryptor for Windows Free Download

Download DiskCryptor for Windows provides us enormous options to protect the disk by using key files or encryption. Download DiskCryptor for Windows is used by the advanced users to protect their sensitive data.


Download DiskCryptor for Windows protects the data. It comes with a set of options. The Installation process is straightforward and fast; it requires a system restart to complete the process. It has a simple structure, where all the disks are shown.we can check the disk type, size and also the label. To start the wipe process first, we need to specify the wipe mode.

Rather than utilizing a secret key, you can appoint a critical file which will be essential each time. You need to decode the volume. Different choices of DiskCryptor let you mount or unmount all drives. And expel the program driver, clear stored passwords, run an encryption benchmark, move down. And re-establish the header, and also arrange the bootloader. To the extent program settings are concerned, you can constrain unmount and set the apparatus to keep running on.

DiskCryptor for Windows free Download

Using DiskCryptor is relatively straightforward for the average user. After you install DiskCryptor, it will run as a service in the background with an icon in the system tray. If you want to, you can set it to load from your boot sector if you’ve encrypted your system drive that is. When you click on the system tray icon, you are presented with a standard dialogue box from which you encrypt/decrypt (AES 256, Two-fish, Serpent) as well as mount and unmount any encrypted drives.

Main Key Features of DiskCryptor for Windows:

  1. Protect the Disk
  2. Set Up Encryption
  3. Easy Installation Process
  4. CPU And Ram Compensation High
  5. Full encryption of external storage devices such as USB drives, external HDD and CDs and DVDs.
  6. Support for AES hardware acceleration.
  7. Support for SSD TRIM extension.
  8. Support for AES, Twofish, Serpent encryption algorithms.
  9. Support for critical files and pre-boot authentication available.
  10. Support for various multi-boot options and compatible third-party boot loaders.
  11. Intuitive interface.

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